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Online Coaching with Sharon McKenzie

Meet Sharon

Certified Professional Coach · Trainer · Mentor

Sharon McKenzie has the drive and passion to help guide others to develop a strength of character, joy of life, enhanced learning and the desire to open to greater life purpose and life balance. Her individual and business clients expect assistance in leadership development, beauty expression and quality of life, ultimately leading to personal and business success and a higher vibration in life!

For over 25 years she has designed and/or lead workshops such as Joyrider, Beauty and Expression, Man and Woman of Purpose, Planet Ease, Fun Works, Stress Works, Being Sexy In A Larger Body, and Speak Your Heart. Each of these workshops encourages renewal and development of the total being and encompasses all areas of life expression. 

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How I can help!

Sharon and I have worked together for many years and it has been a positive experience that has brought with it many much needed changes as well as a beautiful companionship.

As a result of Sharon's direction and guidance my relationships and various activities that I always enjoyed have become more fulfilling and alive. I have become stronger, clearer, and more confident as an individual and am better able to identify the truths in my life. I have been able to trust her with truths about myself that I have never confided to others.

I find it difficult to fully express my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful difference Sharon has made and continues to make in my life.

- Nancy Hoffberg

I have worked with Sharon for 10 years, and her coaching approach has only strengthened with time.  She assists me to see my blind spots and reveal the areas so that  I, too, can see! Sharon possesses the qualities of a vital coach:  great listening skills, intuitive, versatile, both results and relationship focused, and able to engender a meaningful personal connection.


Sharon demonstrates the areas that I’m learning, and expands my awareness through her heartful connection.  I sense that she could work with any age, color, or background, assisting that person in to become stronger in their being, their focus, and achievements.


It’s an absolute pleasure to work and grow with Sharon!!

- Gail Green

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