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Manhood, Womanhood 

Luuv & Purpose

One of the basic principles of individuality requires that we open to developing our manhood and womanhood into a flow of purpose. This development is often blocked due to self limiting beliefs, teachings, and other illusions that hinder our fulfillment. The focus of this workshop is to work through personal blocks to your purpose, activate listening to your life direction, and learn to produce the luvv, essence, listening, joy, fun, and courage that leads to developing your manhood and womanhood for the pleasure of your life.

Speak your Heart

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How do you fully connect to a source of encouragement and joy? You have to listen to your heart and follow the adventure. As you listen, you learn to speak your heart, connect to the wonder, and sign up for your life and the areas that are up for you to learn. This workshop focuses on the steps that you must take to express your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and stories from the heart and learn to trust your Individual Heart-Speaker way.

Present & Accounted For

Much of our life's journey involves being in the moment fully to take it in, learn, and develop as an individual. We have to show up for ourselves and for our lives. If we take a back seat, we miss the opportunity of a lifetime; to learn who we are and what really matters. This workshop is designed to explore your personal path to learn about “now”, and engage in a deeper fulfillment of who you are and the accountability that you earn by embracing your unique individuality.

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Upcoming Workshops

Speak Your Heart

Saturday, April 24, 2021

1:00pm – 4:00pm PST

Zoom Meeting Link

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