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Private Coaching

Personal Life Balance

During these stressful times, it is important to open to a flow of relaxation and ease to adjust to the times. Just as a scuba diver must continue to acclimate to the pressure of the deep water, you must open yourself up to allow more energy to flow through you. I assist my clients to discover emotional and physical blocks that are draining them and work to clear the way for a fuller life expression.

Leadership Development

Whatever area of work you are currently engaged in, your leadership is likely required. That means that you must develop the heart, courage, compassion, and vision to express and hold the energy of the great ideas both small and large. Each leader has a profound way of encouraging their team or teammates to face the challenges of the moment, and develop a way to learn through all circumstances. The “Leadership Instruction Series” takes you through the steps to activate a greater connection to your personal leadership style, intuition, essence, and heart communication. 

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